I love photos. It’s said ‘a picture says a thousand words’.

It’s true, it’s also true how the very same picture can say a thousand words to one person but say a thousand different words to another person. It’s all perspective.

The same goes for a quote, a few words strung together can have such huge depth, a million meanings for a million different people. It’s all relative.

I love photos and quotes for the inspiration they bring, the comfort and the excitement and the memories.
That being said, we can poison the beauty of them with our minds.

We can project our ideas onto them cause them to be negative, or worse, cause them to make us think negative thoughts about ourselves.

We compare.

Humans are one of the only animals that look to others to see if what they are doing is right.
We follow, literally follow strangers and watch little stories of what they are doing in their lives. Why?
Is it inspiration or is it obsession?
Do we want our lives to be like there’s?
Do we want to look like they do or do we want to see what they are doing so we can do it too?

I’m not going to complain about technology or social media, it has its upsides.
I love Instagram because I love photos.
For the beauty that can be captured in moments and places.
But the way we poison them, the way we obsessively compare ourselves to others.

We constantly look at other people’s lives and think about how great they are.
How easy their life must be.
How they are so lucky that they get to go to festivals like that or travel to places like that.
We sit in our lives and stare at someone else’s life wishing we could buy that coat or that we could live there or that we could have hair like that.

Then we spent our lives trying to look or live like somebody else because we think that’s what we should do or its whats ‘cool’.

If I do that then I’ll be happy,
if I wear that I’ll fit in,
if I make friends with this person I will get where I want to be.

No! You won’t.

If you look to somebody else to see what you should do you’ll never be happy.

If you look to change who you are based on someone else you will never feel content.

You are not anybody else you are you.

The photo you see of the perfect lifestyle, the perfect body, the perfect house, do not forget that it is a photo.

It is one second captured in a lifetime of pain, mixed with happiness with bouts of depression and endless comparison.

One of the worst things we do is we try to make out like everything is ‘picture perfect’. It’s not.
In that imperfection, is perfection.

There are times when we feel perfect and that our life is perfect and that we are on top of the world.
There are also times where we feel like shit and we hate our lives and we don’t like what we look like.

Both of these types of days are perfect. We are who we are. Things happen that we cannot control. Things happen that make question why.
Why do children die before their parents?
Why do people have to live in war zones?
Even day-to-day shit, why do I have to go to this job that I hate, why don’t I want to get out of bed today. Why don’t I feel like I belong here?

These are all questions of the mind. When these questions arise, and they will don’t compare you to someone else, don’t compare your life to another’s.
We shouldn’t spend precious hours swiping through social media and comparing our beautiful selves to anything or anybody else.


You don’t know that half hour before that photo was taken of that lake, I was crying.

You don’t know if the tears captured in that picture are for joy or sorrow.

You don’t know that three days before that photo was taken I was questioning everything I do.

You don’t know.

We don’t know. I don’t know. So I won’t look at somebody else’s pictures or my own and poison them with my thoughts. I don’t know so I won’t judge or speculate or worst of all compare.




With Love,
Charlie x

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