There is a universe expanding into eternity, further and faster than anyone might hope to comprehend.

Within this universe, there are stars, black holes, and planets. On these planets are water and land and trees. There are animals, there are human beings.

There is life.

All of these things existing, consisting of the same thing.



What I am, what you are, what it all is, is energy.

Vibrating energy forming atoms and particles that merge together to create the most complex of systems.

Creating the heart in our bodies that pumps the blood through our veins. The oxygen in the air that we breathe to survive. The body breathing just as the ocean rises and falls. The trees taking in the water from the ground surrounding it for miles around, and storing it with the innate knowledge it will need it during times of drought. The seasons coming and going and wildlife following, migrating in perfect synchronicity. The perfect symmetrical patterns that paint the universe, planets and all that lives within. The human brain and the intelligence it takes to send messages throughout our body. Natural instinct, survival, reproduction.

Within all of this, before any of this, in fact, what all of this is, is consciousness, spirit, soul. The source, the knower, the watcher, the perceiver of all that is.


Within all of the creations, all of these complex systems and life on earth, within consciousness itself, there are human beings. One of the few animals on this planet that are self-aware, we have a mind, thoughts, ideas, we create.
We are aware of our consciousness and our existence. We are aware of our awareness.  


The tree standing in the forest which is does not recognise the tree next to it as something separate from itself because it is not aware that it is ‘separate’ from the tree next to it.

It cannot compare, it does not ‘think’ of how his leaves are better than the others, it does not get angry at the trees around it for taking the water from the ground.

It is as it is. It lives.  


There is no difference, no separation, no judgment, no right and no wrong. Just what is.


So I am you, and you are me. We are all apart of the same source.

We lead different lives, we might have different ideas. I may have passed you on the street I may never lay eyes on you. But we are connected.

We are intrinsically connected not only because we breathe the same air or have hearts that beat but because my consciousness and yours are one.

It is one.

We are one.


I can love you because I can love myself. I can listen to you because I have learned to listen to myself. I can hold your pain and see your shadows with no judgment because I have learned to accept my own. I can show you compassion because I can show myself compassion. I can connect with you because I have remembered how to connect to my true self and all that we are.

By remembering my true self I have remembered the truth.

I have remembered that,



With Love,
Charlie x

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