Why does the mind deny the now?

Why are we so lost in ‘time’?

If there were no human life on this earth, would time have to mean?

Would the ocean or the dolphin swimming in it have an answer to the question
‘What time is it?’

If they could talk, of course, they would answer

It is true, we need our mind and time to function in this world but when it takes over our lives we become imbalanced, dysfunctional, depressed.

We fight against what is, hoping that in doing so, what it will change.

The mind plays over and over past pain, it projects us into the future to when life will be ‘better’ or when things will be ‘worse’, where you will ‘acheive’ ‘success’.

None of this is true because none of this exists.
The future is useless, imaginary. So is the past. There is only now.

We have created the world where the majority live by a little ticking machine.
We sleep next to one, we wear one on our arm, we see them in the streets, there programmed into our phones, laptops, televisions.

It creates pressure in almost every aspect of our lives.
In reality, though, we are not in a rush.

We don’t have to beat the clock, to have children, to buy a house, to build a business or career. We don’t have to replay our past in our head 100 times over to remember the ‘good times’ or the’mistakes’ we made.

The mind can not exist without time. They are a team, if the mind stops living in the past and future, what is left?


The moment we realize this, the moment we truly feel this, is the moment we ARE.

We are truly present and therefore truly ourselves.

We are not caught up in any story of who we are, what we have done, what we will do. We are not caught up in imaginary stories and ideas of what ‘should’ ‘could’ ‘would’ be.

We are simply here, living, breathing, BEING.


What could bring more peace, more happiness and more clarity than truly BEING and experiencing the only time we will ever have.




With Love,

Charlie x

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