There was a wall
This wall I smashed myself into

I don’t remember when I started
At first it was light

Then the damage started to uncoil

I walked into the wall
I had no idea there was a wall

Then slight marks appeared
Small at first
I didn’t notice
Nobody did

I walked into the wall
I didn’t know I was doing it

I crumbled against the wall
Then the injuries became visible

Somebody saw them
Then I did

I saw them all at once
I learned the damage
I studied my scars
I hated them
I hated myself

I saw the wall
Then I saw me

At the floor of the wall were the crumbled pieces
From those broken pieces bloomed a flower


Then it grew

That wall began to fall
That wall crumbled

I grew
It fell

I loved me

The wall is rubble beneath my ever blooming, radiant, powerful, soul

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