When you look, do you see what’s real

When you look, do you see?

Do you see me in you?

Do you see whats real?

See me as the burning sun shining
See me as the newborn baby with a curious eyes
See me as the waterfal gushing into the river
See me as the river, ever flowing, ever-changing
See me as the rocks upon the bank and the moss that coats them

See me as the family wandering in search of refuge
See me as the land they walk upon
See me as the soil and the roots that sprout from it

See me as a seed
See me as a strong standing tree, roots running deep
See me as the fruit hanging from the branches
See me as the birds that flock to feed on it

See me as the waves rolling and see me as the ocean that the waves are
See me as the sand forming pattern with the current
See me as the coral that decorates the floor
See me as the fish gliding through

See me as the forest, the wind, the rain
See me as a child, a man, a woman
See me as a couple, grown old together
See me as the stars, the sky, the planets
See me as this universe and every other

I am the earth, I am the plant, I am the animal

I am the human, I am the sun, I am the sky, I am the universe

I am the soul, I am the spirit

I am consciousness

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