BIG, Big Magic

This book right here, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, is one of the greatest books I have ever read.

In this book, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about ideas as an entity of their own, with there own consciousness. She also talks about how these conscious ideas want to be brought into existence, and that they choose who it is that they would like them to bring them into being. She goes on to say that, if the chosen person does not bring said idea into existence, the idea will move on and find another means of expression through another person.

That is how an artist of any kind, see their dream, their idea, their inspiration, being sold in someone else’s gallery, being read from someone else’s book.
As I was reading this book this concept, along with all of the others in the book, resonate with me on every level. I see my own thoughts, ideas and beliefs written on these pages. It is the first time I have read a book that honors creative living, in all it’s ways and encourages it at any cost.

To read somebody else’s thoughts on paper and recognize them as your own. To relate to somebody else’s experiences so closely, to feel the familiar feeling of passion and inspiration as somebody else describes what that is to them. To have somebody else describe their shadows and fears of living a creative life. The ups and the downs, the pleasure of it and the pain.
It is all very familiar, yet it feels like the first time I have heard it from somebody else.

For me, when inspiration hits I am alive, I feel unstoppable and I have a strong knowing that I can do anything in the world. Inspiration keeps me up at night and lights up my brain so I can’t do anything else. Idea’s spark in my heart and stream through all of my being until, before I know it, I am drawing or scribbling on a shopping list another concept or book idea or poem.

I will sit for hours, days working on a mandala, Writing or painting. I won’t eat, I will continue into the early hours of the morning. If it wasn’t for Thales reminding me that I am actually in the world, who knows how long I’d be there for.

Sometimes I have so many ideas coming through on so many topics I feel like I am going to explode. I literally can’t get them out fast enough. I have felt annoyed at myself for letting them slip, for not getting them out and bringing them into existence as soon as they knock on my door. I have felt like I am wasting them and wasting time. That if I don’t do everything right now, they will be lost forever.

These days I have a bit more of a reasonable understanding and relationship ship with my inspiration and ideas. I acknowledge them and I trust that if they are meant for me then I will when the time is right, bring them into this world. If they choose me and I am ready for them, then they shall be.

If I am not ready for them, however, I don’t need to rush or half-heartedly try and express them. If I am not in the right place to align with the consciousness of an idea or receive the message that is wanting to transmit, I have learned that the best thing to do is acknowledge the wonder of them and the experience of them and, if I must, let them go, and, smile when I see that they finally found a being to express themselves through, even if it’s not me.

The understanding that an idea is never ‘yours’. It is never ‘my’ idea. It is an idea with its very own consciousness, that chose me.
If the idea is meant for me, then so it will be.

I Thank Elizabeth Gilbert for following her inspiration and aligning with the consciousness of the ideas that choose her. I Thank her for bringing this book into existence.
I Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for your BIG, Big Magic.

With Love,
Charlie x

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