The shapes you see before you are what appeared on the page when I began creating this logo, as the drawing evolved, I realized why.
The three meditating ladies are held in one of the five Platonic Solids, the Icosahedron.

This picture houses many symbols, the seed of life is a symbol of creation and fertility. Further replicating itself and evolving into the Flower of Life.
Along with the platonic solids, the Flower of life is believed to be woven throughout all beings and the universe, actually, all things in existence.
Flowing throughout the flower of life, is a shape sacred geometry calls, the Vesica Piscis, the oval center, known as, Mandorla, is a universal symbol of the divine feminine.

Plato associated the 5 platonic solids with the elements. The element for the Icosahedron is water. Water is free flowing, ever changing. It is powerful, it is what we are all made of. Without water, life will cease to exist.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the Icosahedron. Located in the lower abdomen that’s connected to the reproductive system, the Sacral Chakra represents the emotional body, as well as sensuality and creativity.

I had rough guidelines for this Logo. Three women started the group, it was a group for women on their spiritual journey.
To look at the finished image and recognize all of the symbols that bought themselves to life for this Logo is no less than mind blowing.

Sacred Geometry speaks to and comes through the soul. I did not choose this shape or these symbols consciously, for this project. I simply picked up my pencil and this was what appeared.

Every aspect of this illustration honours the divine feminine and all that she encompasses.
LIfe giving, creative, sexual, honourable, sustaining, evolving and of course, beautiful.

This Logo captures the essence and energy of the two groups, QT WITCHES & Sisterhood of the Queenstown Pants and the members.
It represents the three pillars that the groups are built upon, Self-Care, Creative Expression and Personal Ritual.
This image also captures the three pillars that bought the groups into existence, Amanda, Casey & Heidi. These three beings have created space for women to evolve on their own spiritual journey and connect with others whilst doing so.

The power of a woman is indescribable, the power of women together is almost inconceivable.
Women are powerful beings and this image and all it holds within, represents them in a light that only the soul can feel.

With Love,
Charlie x

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