Amazing illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds in this equally amazing children’s book,
I Am Peace: A book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde.

I love seeing these teachings on the pages of a book specifically for children.
Huge gratitude to all of the people who see the importance of sharing this intrinsic knowledge and who make it available to so many people in so many forms.

When we are young we are connected, as we grow in our skin, in our mind, into the constructs of society, the connection often becomes weaker.

By honoring the children of our time and the lessons that they have to teach us, by making tools available to them, such as literacy just like this, we offer a new kind of ‘teaching’. We create space for them to be, instead of imposing onto them ideas of what they ‘should’ be.

Instead of molding the children of today, we can be open for them to show and teach us, their purity, their honesty, their vulnerability, their true love. Instead of dimming their light we can encourage it to shine bright!

Children are the greatest teachers.
They might cry, they might scream the house down, but as soon as they have done that, it is over. There is not yet a strong identification with the external circumstances. There is not yet a strong identification with the mind, that will make them feel guilty for their screams.
They won’t hang onto the fact that their milk was too cold, once they have expressed that emotion, they move on. They won’t harbor anger for weeks to come and cause themselves unnecessary pain over something that has passed.
In the very next moment, they will be laughing that infectious laugh, while your head’s still spinning form their crying fit five minutes before.


A child doesn’t worry about what they should wear or whether it is branded or not.
A child doesn’t care if the friend they play with has brown or white skin, if they are a boy or girl, even if it is a dog or a flower.
Until someone tells them of such labels, none of these concepts exist.
There is no separation, no right or wrong thing to do, no should or shouldn’t. Just what’s natural. Just the purest existence.  

So as they grow, as we grow, in our skin and our minds, in ourselves, let’s keep the connection strong, alive. Let’s shine.


Thankfully, Susan Verde has brought many beautiful books into existence.
To name a few…

– I Am Peace
– I Am Yoga
– I am Human
– You and Me
– The Water Princess
– The Museum
– Rock and Roll Soul  

(Featured image taken from Google. A page of the beautiful book, I Am Peace, Susan Verde) 

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