This mandala I have called

SHE represents the FEMALE

Flowing throughout this mandala is the symbol of the dyad, a shape that occurs as a result of two symmetrical circles overlapping, creating a kind of oval shape.

The Dyad, also known as Mandorla or Vesica Piscis, represents the duality of two. A symbol leading us to see that there is no light without the dark, no way to measure cold without the comparison of warmth. No life, without death.

The Dyad is a product of one circle coming together with another and creating something new. It leads to the possibility of more.

In art, the Dyad has been used to symbolize female anatomy. The life-giving, reproductive organs of a woman.

It’s a beautiful analogy. A woman alone cannot create life, for that she needs another. Two circles coming together to create something new.

The shapes, symbols, and patterns of this Mandala were inspired by the book Vagina by Naomi Wolfe that has been perched on my bedside table these past weeks.
If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read it. It’s as useful to men as it is to women. Understanding the vast network of nerve endings in the vagina, realising that the word ‘vagina’ is not actually THE word that describes whats between a girl’s legs, realising that actually, there isn’t a word the collectively describes all of the systems and parts of that area of a woman.
Understanding that 8,000 nerve endings run from our brain down our spine ending at the clitoris, explaining why various life experiences and past traumas can affect this area of a woman massively.

I can’t do the book justice with my ramblings about what I found amazingly interesting. All I can say is, it made me put two n two together, offering reason and explanation to some spoken and unspoken subjects.

So, here is ‘SHE’

With Love,
Charlie x

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