Real Life Real People: Amanda Hanna

I AM: Amanda Hanna

I LOVE: creating Art that has a message sometimes to inspire,  other times to reflect on our human ironies.

I LIVE: in NZ down in the South Island.
It’s a very beautiful part of the country and if you close your eyes to the raping of our community by tourism and just focus on the natural beauty you’d be encompassed in a very spiritual happy place.

I DO: Facilitate a safe and empowering space for people to truly (re)connect with their bodies & their minds while building a bridge between the two.

As a Yin and Hatha yoga teacher as well as a certified nutritionist specializing in the nervous system, hormonal balance and mindfulness, I cultivate experiences in which people can explore their true selves from the inside out. When we can understand the brain, the mind and the body as a whole we can change our reality and create the life and experiences that best serve us

  • What is your idea of a job?
    A means to act as the catalyst for change and inspiration on a societal and global level.
  • Does your job enable you to acknowledge, nurture and express your innate creativity?
    Every. Damn. Day. My job is the reason I get out of bed, it is the way in which I truly and authentically express not only my creativity but my truest self. It is how I fill my cup and I could not ever imagine doing anything else. It is what gives me the freedom to step into my truth & my power while also cultivating space for others to do the same.

  • Have you always been in touch with your art?
    I have always been surrounded by art, beauty, and truth and grew up in an extremely supportive environment. I’ve absolutely wavered from my path while I tried a million different things along the way, making mistakes, getting my values and morals confused with that of others, while trying to find my true path, but it’s always been within me and it’s always shown up in one way or another to remind me that I must stay true to my calling. Over the last 3 years I feel as though I have really stepped into the innate wisdom of who I am and what I am doing and offering; my gift, my craft, has become the single most important thing to nurture so that all other aspects of my life are filled with joy and love from a place of a nourished heart and soul.

  • When did you decide to take full responsibility for creating the life of your dreams?
    I’ve always been a wild spirit and known I would work for myself. I’ve tried many different versions of that along the way but 4 years ago I decided to get a little more serious about it as I launched my own nutrition, yoga and coaching business back in Canada. That was only the start. From there it has shifted and evolved over the years into the beauty and power that it is now and I am so grateful for every misstep and surprising opportunity along the way because what my business is now is beyond my wildest dreams and by far the most fulfilling thing I could ever have imagined. 
  • What brave steps did you and do you take to make your dream your reality?
    In 2016, I sold every last thing back home in Canada. I stripped myself of every belief, preconceived notion of what success “should” look like, and walked away from everything I knew and loved to start fresh. It was the biggest learning curve and growing opportunity; full of heartbreak, tears and challenges but also pure love, evolution and self discovery. While in NZ I found a solid paying job that I enjoyed but found that I was right back into the fear-based space of working for someone else’s vision and profit instead of putting myself first. I quit that job with zero plan or idea of what was to come and I put EVERYTHING into my own dreams and vision to not only build my own incredible life but a community for others looking for the same freedom and joy.
  • Do you have a beautiful space that you solely created for yourself and your work?
    I have a spare room in our home that has just recently turned into a healing and therapy space to work out of. It is full of all of my favourite things and feels so incredibly powerful and amazing to just simply Be in. Palo Santo burning, crystals and tarot cards on beautiful shelves, with neuroscience textbooks and yoga teacher training manuscripts lining the bookshelves. It is a true reflection of everything I am, everything I love and all that I am offering and creating.
  • Do you find fulfillment in the life you have created for yourself? More so than I ever truly thought possible. People always talk about living your best life and turning your dreams into reality but I don’t think I ever really understood that it feels like coming home. It feels like truth, empowerment and inspiration; it’s that breath of fresh air every morning when you know you are in full control of how your day goes. There’s light in even the darkest days now and to me that’s worth every last ounce of time, energy and love that goes into creating this life.

If you could give your past self a message, what would it be?
Keep going. No matter how hard, overwhelming, uncertain and terrifying things can get, you are so incredibly strong and resilient. Know that everything is working out more beautifully than you could ever imagine. Keep going.

Favorite quote:
‘Our true freedom, our wildness, lies in our ability to recognize ourselves as perfectly imperfect, wonderfully flawed, yet ultimately magic.’

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