My name is Charlie White and  I AM YOU is the Brand under which I create.
Where this creating takes place changes often. I am forever exploring and travelling around this beautiful world with my love.
We are currently living in the magical land of New Zealand and my creative journey is taking me down the fascinating road of tattoo art, which I am so excited about.

My journey with art began years ago when I experienced a shift, this shift drastically changed my life and the way I chose to BE on this earth.
A new path revealed itself and I committed to the practice of Yoga and Meditation.
The peace and clarity that these practices brought lead me back to me, and in that, I rediscovered my creativity and a purpose in life.

This creativity manifests itself in various expressions and forms.
Murals, Mandala’s, Illustration Writing and more. 

The natural world is my nurturing teacher and greatest inspiration, I see metaphors for all life, in her wisdom.
The fractals, patterns and geometry weaved throughout this universe, from the swirl of a hurricane to the swirl of our DNA.
Every aspect of Mother Nature showing us the truth of our connection in a million different ways. Leading me to interpret, imitate and create this in the Mandalas, Murals and Art I am called to bring into existence.

The oneness of the beings existing within this fascinating place, how our souls are captured as a human body, how we all have our unique ways of being but we all be, just the same.
Individual expressions within the non-dual.
This connection inspires the name I AM YOU and is the reason for my work, Art, creations and everything else. 

With respect and awe of who we are, where we are and how we came to be.
With love for the Art of Creation and the healing it brings.
With the trust and knowing that we are undeniably connected to each other and the universe in which we exist.
With honor of all forms of expression.
I create, for you, for me, for us, to form a new connection.

With love,
Charlie x 

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