If you would like to commission a piece, please feel free to reach out and connect.
The more I know about you, the better I can create the piece that is meant for you.

Creating personalised artwork is one of my greatest passions.
I have the ability to capture and express the soul through my art.
My purest and raw creation comes from the soul, mine and yours.
I am able to see you, really see you, capture and create you in a way that is not conventional, not even recognizable as you to anybody else, but you.

How it works

– Get in touch requesting a commission though I AM YOU Contact page or email directly
Send through your ideas and some pictures, inspiration if you have any.

– Artist and client will arrange a virtual or physical meeting to connect with each other and discuss commission expectations and pricing.  

– Once commission request is accepted by artist and commissioner, a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required for the artist to proceed in designing and creating the commissioned piece.

– Once payment has cleared in the I AM YOU bank account, Artist and commissioner will work together to agree upon and lock in the final design concept.

– Commissioner will be kept in the loop on progress and receive pictures of the creative process. 

– Once the final design is completed, final arrangements such as postage/ delivery will be discussed and costs added onto invoice if applicable.

– Commissioner will receive an invoice for commissioned Artwork and postage/shipping costs.

– Once payment has been cleared in the I AM YOU bank account, the commissioned piece will be shipped/ delivered to the commissioner.

For Mural, illustration or any other request, please contact Artist directly to discuss specifics.

All artwork created by Charlie White of I AM YOU is subject to © Copyright 2019.