Can I commission a Mural?
Creating large scale art is of late, becoming my favorite thing to do. 
Murals can be created anywhere, Outside, on windows, at your office, on the walls of your business or in your home.

Is all of your work Mandala Art?
Although my creations are often Mandala style, they are not limited.
I find inspiration in nature and the places I travel to.
Mind, body, spirit, and healing.
My inner child and her imagination and so much more.
My art is my journey and that is varied.

Is your Art for sale?
Yes, it is.
Please get in touch regarding specific art piece, requests, questions or commissions via the Contact page or email directly

Do you design Business logos?
I am open to designing art that you can use for any purpose.
All I need is for you to explain what your company/ business does and what it means for you and to you, from here I can create an image that captures all of that.  

Can you create for children?
I thoroughly enjoy creating artwork for children and am happy to capture a little piece of the wonder they provide the world and give it back to them.
I have been working with and learning from children for years! They are wonders, and huge inspiration and a constant reminder that life is a game.

Do you Design Tattoos?
Yes, I design tattoos.
And I am currently learning the art of Tattooing, so exciting!